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  • Таллиннский Университет —  Tallinna Ülikool (Lähis-Ida ja Aasia Kultuurilugu)
  • Интегративная психотерапия и гипнотерапия.
  • Tallinn University (How to Develop Entrepreneurship Business Ideas): Creative industry challenges and business models. Leadership and team development. Business model generation. Value proposition design. Fundamentals of prototyping and design.The basics of marketing and sales. Introduction to finance and tax issues. Legal and intellectual property issues. Pitching and presentation skills.




  • Dalia Olga —
    • can recognize ideas that have startup/entrepreneurship potential
    • can test and develop the business idea (product/service) according to client needs
    • can pick the optimal market and market segment and understand the optimal timeframe for expansion and scaling
    • has experience in developing a business idea with a team and understand options concerning idea execution
    • knows the benefits offered by incubators and accelerators and when to apply for different programs
    • can communicate fluently and professionally with potential investors
    • knows how to create a one-pager and how to deliver a pitch





Также Далия Ольга имеет опыт в шоу бизнесе.